Panel Discussion with Greg Boyd, Charles Kraft, Brad Cole and Brian Lowther (Video)
Tuesday, June 4, 2013
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Here is the video from the first panel discussion after Greg Boyd's morning lecture on Friday, April 26 at the 2013 Ralph D. Winter Lectureship.


Dr. Charles Kraft is a Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication at Fuller Theological Seminary. He is an anthropologist and linguist, and much of his work since the early 1980s has focused on inner healing and spiritual warfare. In addition to his work at Fuller, he has written 30 books. He is the founder and president of Deep Healing Ministries and Vice President of Hearts Set Free Ministries and conducts seminars on inner healing and spiritual warfare around the world. He holds a BA (Wheaton College), a BD (Ashland Theological Seminary), and a PhD (Hartford Seminary Foundation). He lives in California with his wife. 

Dr. Brad Cole is chief of neurology at the Loma Linda VA hospital and is the director of neuroscience and neurology education at Loma Linda University (LLU). In 2003 Brad and his wife Dorothee began a weekly Bible study that focused on God’s character with a group of medical students at LLU. This class has steadily grown and can be heard at God’ Brad and Dorothee coordinated the Good News Tour conferences and also edited a multi-authored book about God’s character which will be published in 2013 by LLU Press. They have three children and live in Redlands, CA. 

Brian Lowther is the Director of the Roberta Winter Institute, a ministry that seeks to inspire faith-based initiatives to address the roots of disease. He grew up in Southern California and began following Christ as a teenager after witnessing the transformative power of Jesus in his father’s life. Prior to leading the Roberta Winter Institute, Brian served at the U.S. Center for World Mission in graphic design and publishing for eight years. He is married to Debbi and they have two children. 

Gregory A. “Greg” Boyd is a theologian, pastor, and author. He is Senior Pastor of the Woodland Hills Church in Maplewood, MN and adjunct Professor of Theology at Bethel University (St. Paul, MN). Boyd has authored or co-authored 18 books, including The Jesus Legend, Letters from a Skeptic and God at War. Boyd is President of and in 2010 he was listed as one of the twenty most influential Christian scholars alive today.

Please note the views expressed in this panel discussion are those of the speakers, not necessarily of The Roberta Winter Institute. 

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